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I frutti della ricerca

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Lo stampaggio è sempre più tecnologico

DOSSIER "Lo stampaggio è sempre più tecnologico".pdf Flavio Icardi e Massimo Corippo Giugno 2011

OMS S.p.A.
Via Stazione 14/15
10080 Salassa (TO)
Tel. (+39) 0124.35.99.99
Fax (+39) 0124.35.99.50
P.I. 03780430017

OMS Hot Forging and extrusion of steel
"OMS is always in partnership with the customer, always looking to new opportunities and new training. A Company with a dynamic management, ready for the world wide contest"

OMS makes internally hot forging parts, forged in “near net shape” system, making parts with different shape, particularly focused on driveline parts, like shaft, gears, pinion, satellite, crown and pinion.

OMS is a leader company in management and production of raw parts, up to finished parts, included in a wide range of weight
(from 0.5kg up to 60kg) and external dimension ( from 30mm to 450mm).

OMS was born in 1952, and from that year, OMS has been owned by the same family. During all these years, OMS was able to keep the focus on reaching the customers’ needs an goal, becoming a strong partner for important results.

OMS use only steel produced by the best steel maker, with quality standards and laboratory test, always fitting the customer requests.

We follow from the enginnering in CAD-CAM sistem to the built of the dies and the finished product.

OMS production is liked to the industries working in the auto motive fields, ground moving and industrial vehicles ( like trucks and SUV)


OMS is 60 years old

Since February 1952, the Hot Forging tradition has been in evolution. We invite our partners and the interested people to join OMS plant in Salassa, for all 2012, to let them see and “touch” more than 60 years of forging competence.


We were at Hannover 'IAA'
From 25/09 to 2/10 2014
(Hall 24, Stand G15)

We'll be at "HANNOVER MESSE"
13-17 Aprile 2015
(Hall 4, Stand G34 )