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Hot Forging and extrusion of steelLa OMS SpA è lieta di annunciare che nel prossimo mese di giugno 2017 entrerà in funzione una nuova linea... Read more...
Brochure OMS SpA
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OMS S.p.A.
Via Stazione 11/15
10080 Salassa (TO)
Tel. (+39) 0124.35.99.99
Fax (+39) 0124.35.99.50
P.I. 03780430017


First class plant: OMS is in a strategic place to reach all Europe, continuously with update and upgrade of the existing machine. 26.000 mq( 12.000 cover). 75 high level employ.

Know-how: with more than 60 constant years of experience, using an accurate system of control and management for quality, OMS has been known as an ideal partner for worldwide business.

A wide range of product has always been made from OMS for the continuous excellence of working and zero defects.

OMS leads a strategy based on his customers. The most exigent customer we have, the most long walk we can do together.
OMS’ customer are high prepared and can give us the correct price to our service.

A professional team work together with quality standards to be pro-active partner with our customer.