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Hot Forging and extrusion of steelLa OMS SpA è lieta di annunciare che nel prossimo mese di giugno 2017 entrerà in funzione una nuova linea... Read more...
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OMS S.p.A.
Via Stazione 11/15
10080 Salassa (TO)
Tel. (+39) 0124.35.99.99
Fax (+39) 0124.35.99.50
P.I. 03780430017


OMS is always looking for the use of high performance forging in “near net shape” and “net Shape”, to reach the less tinges (less material as possible). This is a saving in following mechanical operations; all the raw surface are improved in term of precision. This fit with the request of the best condition request by the market.

OMS production can be divided in several family, either realized in hot forging and machined:

  • Synchro Parts (Truck Field)
  • Gears (Agricultural, Ground Moving, truck, cars)
  • Pinion and gears (Agricultural, Ground Moving, truck, cars)
  • Shaft (Agricultural, Ground Moving, truck, cars)
  • Driveline and under carriege (Agricultural, Ground Moving, truck, cars)
  • Axles (Agricultural, Ground Moving, truck, cars)