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Hot Forging and extrusion of steelLa OMS SpA è lieta di annunciare che nel prossimo mese di giugno 2017 entrerà in funzione una nuova linea... Read more...
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OMS S.p.A.
Via Stazione 11/15
10080 Salassa (TO)
Tel. (+39) 0124.35.99.99
Fax (+39) 0124.35.99.50
P.I. 03780430017


OMS production works with a “state of the art” in forging and machining.

OMS use the most recent and performant software to realize the tools and to make the enginnering of the production. We use the Forging simulation software (by Simufact, Germany). To be used to integrate all the quality system, to control and to check the production flow, has made OMS a leader in 100% success in forging ( see movie and picture).

CAD-CAM 2D and 3D engineering.

All the quality’s system of instruments check and preventive control (APQP, FMEA, CPPK,…)  are always used.

OMS is used to be a pro-active partner for all the customers, with the goal to increase the added value on every operations.