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Hot Forging and extrusion of steelLa OMS SpA è lieta di annunciare che nel prossimo mese di giugno 2017 entrerà in funzione una nuova linea... Read more...
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OMS S.p.A.
Via Stazione 11/15
10080 Salassa (TO)
Tel. (+39) 0124.35.99.99
Fax (+39) 0124.35.99.50
P.I. 03780430017

Tools and Dies Building

We have 14.000 mq of stock raw material. Near there is the workshop for cutting and sawing for cold cutting for round bars, from 20 up to 150mm and square from 20 to 140.

The production is base on 9 press lines, divided into different building according to the homogeneity of product and type on machine. Everything is studied in OMS and followed according to customers needs.

The process that OMS use to guarantee and to qualify on top the own products are:

  • CAD CAM System
  • Toolind and Dies Production
  • Hot Steel Forging
  • Heat Treatment
  • Machining
  • Quality control and material test. Mechanical test (not destroing)
  • Technologycal Laboratory
  • R&D System (Simulation Forging)
  • Management of exthernal Stock
  • Giving solution to manage the customers’ stock.

All the operation are managed by qualified employ and every day is followed and monitored by the OMS general management system and software.